Join us at Signature Group!

Signature Group places a great deal of importance in recruitment and integration of new employees. Our human resources policy is based on the principle of fair reciprocity. Signature Group provides its employees with support and fosters long-term working relationships.

Recruitment policy

Signature Group has built a corporate identity based on trust, respect, and solidarity; it places people above systems, recognizes individual initiative within group effort, encourages team synergy and skill development. Its management model privileges decentralization, autonomous operating units, responsible management.

Signature Group is looking for people who are team players with good professional and social skills. Future Signature Group employees must be driven to achieve results and satisfy customers. In turn, they can expect full recognition of their investment in the company.

In addition, as is the case for all Eurovia entities, Signature Group promotes male-female parity, employment of over 50's as well as people with disability.

The company provides young employees with internships, sandwich training, post graduate studies, and participation in international volunteer programs,  to familiarize them with our company, business lines, and culture prior to permanent employment.

Integration policy

Signature Group is seeking future employees with varied training and profiles. We do hire candidates who have no formal training in public works but who possess equivalent experience or education. Indeed, many of the tasks at Signature Group can be learned on the job. This type of practical experience, combined with in-house training, allows rapid progress.

As part of its human resources policy, Signature Group has adopted Eurovia’s approach for achieving “zero accidents” in the workplace. All new employees are made aware of occupational safety and risk and accident prevention imperatives as part  of their “first-day” training session. This policy has allowed the company to halve its workplace accident rates since 2003.