Signature Group: pooling our expertise to meet your infrastructure needs

We are a subsidiary of Eurovia (VINCI) and the European leader in the field of equipment for motorways, roads and cities. For nearly 100 years we have contributed to improving road safety and traffic conditions. We also made a key contribution to urban-development projects and sustainable road infrastructure. Our 1,600 employees at our 22 specialized subsidiaries all work together in applying the principles that guide us:

Industrial excellence in innovation and products

Our industrial subsidiaries leverage their technology specialties (chemistry, metallurgy, concrete, plastic materials, resins, information technology and electronics) to provide the market with the broadest range of equipment, products and solutions. They develop and market their products in accordance with a philosophy of continuous progress and customer satisfaction. Each brand listed below is recognized as leader in its sector:

Crapie: temporary road signs

Euroliners: road-marking machines

Interdesco: industrial floor and car park coatings

Optifib: light-signalling and dynamic information systems

SAR: road marking products

Signature Industrie: signs, structures and street furniture

Signature Traffic System: dynamic traffic management and variable message signs

Sodilor: safety equipment


Contracts and Services: a global offer through a local presence

Our product offer is implemented in the field by dedicated and expert teams  specialized in installation, maintenance, and management of all equipment (road marking, signs and structures, guard rails  and urban, road, and highway projects)

With 40 local agencies throughout France, Signature provides many services such as: contracting, regulatory expertise and asset management.

With ID City Signature proposes a  global offer with personalized solutions in response to the needs of contracting authorities and stakeholders:

- Information to road users, regional promotion 

- Development of urban expressways

- Traffic guidance and fluidity

- Sharing urban space: 30 km/hr zone, pedestrian zone, shared areas, etc.

- Promotion of non-motorized transport and intermodality

- Securing sensitive zones: school exits, level crossings, etc.

- Parking

Pursuing international development

Signature Group is actively pursuing growth beyond the domestic market. The steadily growing international activities now account for over 20% of its revenue. Its subsidiaries located in Germany, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic contribute to this figure – as do projects in some 30 countries, including Algeria, Qatar, Cameroon, Benin, and Ivory Coast. As a player in various countries around the world, we benefit from our wide-ranging experience in the field of road safety to build further expertise.                   

People at the top of our priorities

For Signature Group, success and development are closely linked with human relationships. We share our values and successes with our employees, clients, and economic players. Signature Group has stringent requirements in terms of risk prevention, and recently we implemented in all subsidiaries our approach to managing “near-accidents.” Training, career development, and equal opportunity are part of our commitments towards our people.

Through proximity, consideration, responsiveness, availability, and know-how Signature attends the customers needs. Our quality based services lead the way to innovative projects and long-term growth.