Research and development

Signature Group has its own research and development capacity. With 7 R&D hubs and 1 state-of-the-art research centre, our engineers and laboratory technicians work together toward a common goal: develop the right products and processes in response to the needs of the market. All our research and development projects systematically include a strong international component.


This is a new patented device revolutionizing support anchors for road-signs. Eco-anchoring is an environmental friendly and cost-effective solution that allows to install a sign in one single step, thereby saving time whilst preserving the environment.

Trassar 351

This new driver-operated large output road-marking machine provides high-performance marking and is available in an airless paint version (2 tonnes of paint and 750 kilograms of beads) and in a thermospray version for application of spray thermoplastics.


This is a range of 100% wood panels entirely manfactured in France. Altern panels absorb CO2 during their life cycle.


This is a cold-plastic spray road marking product. Its composition guarantees extremely long-lasting performances and easy maintenance with low dosage paint touch-ups.

Eco-friendly range of products

Benches, tables, bins, sandboxes… a whole range of products made from recycled plastic. These products are not harmful for the environment and can be recycled. They are available in various colours.

Panel trailer

Standard or custom made trailers – we have a vast range of trailers to carry panels for worksites and enhance operator safety.

Trassar 9

This is the latest innovation in the Trassar line of machines. An airless machine with hydrostatic transmission. Self-propelled walking-operator device for urban marking and special projects. Trassar 9 has been certified by the French Ministry of Environment and is compliant with European standards 2006/42/CE and CEM 2004/108/CE.


This line of signs features elegant and contemporary design to be combined with other urban equipment in a customized manner. Mimésis allows you to create your own style in urban environments.